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Great options for savings!

Student Savings

A savings account to encourage savings for individuals under 18 years of age.

Start your children on the path of saving.

  • Minimum Deposit to Open $25
  • Earn interest on account
  • Limited to 6 withdrawals a month
  • Excess withdrawal fee of $5 for withdrawals in excess of 6 per month
  • Quarterly statements
  • Requires parent or guardian on account
  • The account converts to a Personal Savings account upon the child's 18th birthday 
Rocky Mountain Consumer Savings Account
  • Minimum Deposit to Open $100.00.
  • Interest earned
  • Free e-statement
  • Free Bank by Phone
  • Convenient Mobile App
  • Easy Access to Online Banking

  • Quick and Easy Mobile Deposits

  • Debit card access w/ checking account

Rocky Mountain Certificate of Deposit (CD)
  • Ask about our competitive CD rates, which are available for a variety of terms.
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